Friday, April 20, 2012

Under the Stars

We have reached another Friday. Hope there are some exciting plans for the weekend. We're supposed to  have a beautiful weekend. Maybe the locals will be removing their inter coats and realizing that it is indeed spring now! Until Tuesday, when it "cools" back down to 50... Anyway, as I wrote yesterday, we've been doing a lot of scrapbooking and want to share some of our layouts. Yesterday's post was the Disney page. Today's layout is for pictures from all of our camping adventures. This is probably the only camping-related thing that went well! The tent "matches" ours, and was much easier to put together, although we were pretty good at it by the end of the trip. No camping trip is complete without a treat- in this case, some nice toasty marshmallows. FYI- There are recipe books dedicated entirely to s'mores! But be warned, it could lead to some unwanted visitors! Or, a neighbor that sounds like a bear...not something you want to wake up to in the morning.
The first picture is of the entire 2-page layout.  The second is an up-close view of the title "Under the Stars". e used glitter paper, to make it look like the stars shimmering in the night. The last picture is of the visitor to the campground. He's being pointed in the right direction by the sign, and probably the smell of the marshmallows!
That's all for today! Hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Join us again tomorrow for another edition of Cupcake Saturday!

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