Monday, April 30, 2012

Fiesta Decor- Part 1

Welcome to another Monday! It's looking a little gloomy this morning, but hopefully it will clear up later on. It's looking nice for our fiesta on Saturday, but we'll see how many times the weather forecast changes between now and then. The Weather Channel is always changing the 10-day and most of the time, it turns to rain. *Crossing our fingers!!* Anyway, today's post is the first of our decorations. We made this cute little banner to hang up. It was a snap to whip up! It matches the invitations, to bring it all together. I was told that our colors may be too bright, and maybe we should have used more primary colors. You can't really tell, but the ribbon that's holding it up is orange. It (slightly) matches some of our other decorations. 
So, the cut in the top of the banner was from a new cartridge we got the other day. Actually, we got three new cartridges!! And, before we hear "Oh my goodness, you have rent to pay! You can't be spending money on unnecessary things!!" I assure you, we didn't spend anything on them! We were able to use a gift card for them!! Alright, well, the cut reminded me of "papel picado", which is paper cut into super elaborate designs. Kind of like the paper snowflakes everyone makes during the winter. If you ever look it up, some of them are truly impressive! Anyway, that's today's project. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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