Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fiesta Decor- Part 2

Happy Tuesday! And, Happy May! We have another project to share with you for our fun fiesta for Saturday.These are just some of the decorations we've been working on for it. They are medallions/rosettes for the wall. They definitely help brighten up our bare walls. Maybe we'll have to keep them up for other holidays... As you can tell, there are three of them. I think these are more the colors you think of when you think "fiesta". The "ole!" one is probably my favorite!

Here they are, up close. The shadow on the "ole" is brown, to bring in the background color of the invitations. Don't you just hate when everything is going right, and then at the last minute, bam! Your project gets ruined? Luckily I was able to fix it, and it turned out well. The chili is all hand-cut. You can't really tell, except in a few spots. The cactus is a super-close second for my favorite (I'm aware, that out of three, there aren't too many choices, but oh well!) The shadowed look on the cactus really adds a nice touch to it, in my opinion! It looks really nice, until you see the teeth mark in it... I think they'll add a nice touch once everything is together.

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