Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don't Be Late!

Late? For a very important date! Like I said yesterday, we are super excited for this week's theme! Over the next two weeks, our family has four birthdays coming up. After we had our fiesta, we decided that we wanted to have a "birthday party" (even if it is just the two of us!) We played around with some ideas and finally decided to have an "un-birthday" this year, because, let's be honest, who likes to get any older?? So, what does that mean? We're having an Alice in Wonderland themed week! It's very exciting!
Anyway, you can't plan a party without some invitations. That's just Party-Planning 101. So, here are the invitations we designed.

This first one is the Mad Hatter's hat. There are two parts to it. The first is the hat base. We didn't make it stand open because we really don't have any one to invite to this shindig, so we didn't need the extra room for more information. The second part is where all of the information for the party is. Instead of "In this style 10/6" as the Mad Hatter has on his hat, we used it to put the date of the party. On the flip side of the card is all the party information for the guests. It all fits snuggly in the brim of his hat.
The second invitation features the White Rabbit and his ever-present timepiece. He's running because he doesn't want to be late for the party! He also pops out a little, too. (You can see a little bit of a shadow in the picture above.) And you can't celebrate the Queen of Hearts without a few hearts on the invitation!

 Thanks for looking and join us all this week for our Adventures in Wonderland!

Today’s Party Trivia:
- Christopher Columbus died today in 1506
- Levi Strauss patented blue jeans, and the copper stitching, today in 1873
- Today was a big day in aviation history. Charles Lindbergh (1927) and Amelia Earhart (1932) began their solo, non-stop flights across the Atlantic Ocean.

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