Monday, May 21, 2012

A Merry Un-Birthday Banner

Hello, hello! Today we have a very large banner to share with you. It might be the only decoration you need for a small space, it takes up that much room! We chose to go with really bright fun colors for the pieces of this banner. Definitely appropriate for an Alice-themed party. We used an Alice in Wonderland font that we found for the words, "merry un-birthday," and our Cricut for all the circles. (It would've taken for-ever doing them by hand!) We used the early birthday present we got ourselves (the Disney Classics cartridge) for the teacups and birthday cake. Other than making all of the rosettes, which Dawn was lucky enough to get stuck with, the hardest part was making sure that each piece had every color on it. Too bad it wasn't until we were hanging it up that we noticed that didn't work out for all of it. Oh well, it is still a very fun, whimsical banner and we love it! It adds so much color to the wall that we may have to keep it up till past our birthday! (That and we aren't really sure where to store it since all of the pieces together take up a lot more room than one might think...)

 Come back tomorrow for another Wonderland project!

Today's Party Trivia:
Clara Barton started the American Red Cross in 1881

(slow news day, apparently...)

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