Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is Cookie Monster’s Favorite Day of the Year??

Today! Today is actually National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Well, depending on what you read. It’s either a day celebrating the invention of the chocolate chip, or the cookie. Either way, you can’t really have one without the other! Before we get to today’s project, I was looking some stuff about chocolate chip cookies up, and some of it was interesting. Thought I’d share, since knowledge is power, even if it is only some party trivia…
     - The first chocolate chip cookie was made in 1937, in Massachusetts, at the Toll House Inn, by Ruth Wakefield
     - The first chocolate “chip” cookie was actually made using a chopped up chocolate bar
     - Nestle gave Wakefield a life-time supply of chocolate (that’s one lucky lady! I wonder if she ever got tired of chocolate…) in return for the right to her recipe. It is also on the back of all of their chocolate chip packaging
     - It was designated as the “State Cookie” of Massachusetts in 1999, thanks to a third grade class. (How cool would that be?!)
So, anyway, back to today’s project. There’s not much that’s more “American” than the chocolate chip cookie, so in my opinion, it fits well with this week’s theme! And you can’t talk about cookies without mentioning Cookie Monster!! (For those of you wondering how it’s all truly connected, it makes sense in my head, and that’s what really matters, right?!)

So,  as you can tell, Cookie Monster is really excited about today’s project! You can tell by the look in his eyes! It is a scrapbook layout dedicated to cookies. “C” really is for cookie! He is just so excited to show off the picture, on the second page. I love the photo corners- they’re piles of cookies! How cute is that?? I felt really clever when I figured that one out ;) And of course, the red, white, and blue goes along with this week’s patriotic theme. There is also a little pocket behind one of the photo mats, so I can store a recipe for safe keeping!
And, speaking of recipes, here is something to go along with the project. Yummy chocolate chip cookies, of course! And, yes, they too are in theme, with red and blue M&M’s and white chocolate chips.

Oh my goodness, are these good!! I wish I could say the same for my food-picture-taking skills... Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it! This was such a fun project to work on! Have a great day!

And some parting party trivia, other tidbits of information I found today:
     - Las Vegas is celebrating its 107th birthday today. It was founded in 1905
     - Mickey Mouse premiered today in 1928
     - The first McDonald’s was opened today in 1940 in California

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