Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cupcake Saturday

Well, it's a little more than a cupcake. It's a whole cake today! What kind of Alice in wonderland birthday party wouldn't have a cake?! And since our birthday is tomorrow, we needed a cake anyway. So here it is, our Un-Birthday cake. (I have to say, it's probably the most elaborate cake we've ever had for our birthday. OK, it IS the most elaborate.) I think it looks pretty good for being amateurs. So glad we figured out the best ways to use our Cricut Cake machine. (Remember our carrot cupcakes? The carrots didn't look so hot...)
Can't wait for all of the possibilities for Cupcake Saturday!

I think we got everything or part of everyone in. Well, we had planned to. Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit didn't make it. There was a lot less room than we thought there would be! Which is a good thing, because it means less cake to eat. We made the top layer Alice's dress and bow, both of which came out pretty well, I think. And before I forget, I bet you're wondering what kind of cake it is. It's a White Chocolate Strawberry cake: white chocolate cake, strawberry filling, and white chocolate butter cream frosting. I hope it lasts until tomorrow!

It's been a wonderful week in Wonderland. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

I also decided to (try) to enter this into a challenge at Bitten by the Bug 2. I know it's a little outside of the box for a challenge, but I figured that since it was made in the kitchen, using the Cricut Cake, that it was worth a shot!

Today’s Party Trivia:
- The first witch hanging took place today in 1647, in Hartford, Connecticut.
- In 1783, the town of North Stratford (now Trumbull) celebrated "A Great Jubilee Day". It was held to celebrate the end of fighting in the Revolutionary War. It is considered a precursor to today's Memorial Day celebrations. (How cool is that?!)
- Bram Stoker's Dracula was first published today in 1897.


  1. This cake is fabulous!!! I love all the wonderful bright colors and all the cute embellishments. Thanks for sharing this delightful cake with us at BBTB2 ;-)

  2. what a fab cake, now how do I get a piece, lol, thanks so much for joining us at BBTB2, hugs

  3. Happy Birthday! Love your cake and all the great cuts you added.Thanks for joining us at BBTB2.
    Please consider turning word verification off,it's so difficult to read.
    Jayne x

  4. Your cake is adorable. I love all the details on it. Thanks for joining is at BBTB2. Stephanie

  5. Wow!!!!! This is amazing and oh so cute. Thanks for joining the BBTB2 kitchen challenge.

  6. Fabulous looking cake and it sounds so yummy! Thank you for sharing with us at BBTB2!