Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Crafty (Girly) Gift

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. On the bright side, it's already Wednesday!
Here is today's project:
This is what it looks like from the outside. Doesn't look like much, but can't you tell how much I like making the flowers?! But, you take the top off and this is what's inside:
It's a stationery box. It is slightly taller than a recipe box, but it still holds quite a bit. And it holds everything in quite nicely, so it can be put off to the side and not be a messy eyesore. I based my colors off of the patterned paper- there is a dark green in it, but it's hard to see. The next few pictures are close-ups of what's inside.
The first picture is a sample of what's included. There are five tags (circle) and five notecards (square). The box also holds five greeting cards and envelopes (second picture). It could probably hold a few more of each. Each element is slightly different, either by color or placement. Also included are a small address book and a pocket for your stamps.
This project was actually pretty easy, once I realized that the measurements weren't quite right. No matter how you try, an 8" piece can't go into a 6" box..I'm really excited with how this came out and I have so many other ideas for it!!
Thanks for looking!

To day's Party Trivia:
- Big Ben rang for the first time in 1859.
- The first "Decoration Day" (another precursor to Memorial Day) was observed in 1868.
- A stampede on New York's Brooklyn Bridge caused the death of twelve people. The reason for the stampede?? Someone started a rumor that the bridge was going to collapse.
- The first Indy-500 was held in 1911. (500 miles- talk about long and circuitous...)

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  1. WOW!!!!This is AMAZING!!!!You did an AWESOME job!!!TFS