Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Array of Cards

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and were able to go outside and enjoy yourselves. We had a nice, enjoyable weekend- not too hot, sun shining, some crafting- can't complain!
Have you ever wondered what kind of card to get (or make) someone, but you come up blank?? That actually happens to us a lot more than we lead on. So where do you find your inspiration? I tend to find mine in greeting card sayings. I look at all of those cute stamps floating around and wonder how I can use them to make a card. So, that's what I've done. Today's post is an array of birthday cards. We have one for everyone- young and old! (There are quite a few pictures...) I'll keep the pictures small, but you can click on them to view a larger picture.
Here are the four cards. The neat thing about these cards is the fact that they are all recessed, which gives you more room to be creative! (That also means that they're pretty bulky, so they don't do well in the mail...) The top two cards are the "adult" cards, more or less. The bottom two are the "kids" cards, but the pink one can really be for any age, though. The rocket, not so much.
(The first picture will be a direct picture of the front of the card. The second picture is a side view, so you can see the layers and details.)
 I'll show you the male cards first. This is the older male card. It was actually the first one I did, which is why there's not as much detail to it. You might be wondering why there is a lawn mower on a birthday card. Well, there are two reasons, actually. First, the inside of the card reads, "And many mower"...get it?? I thought it was pretty funny. And when I have to make a card for a guy, my train of thought is usually towards our dad, who (I think??) enjoys mowing the lawn. It's too bad we made him a card already...This would also be perfect for a Father's Day card in a few months.
 The next card is the "young boy" card. This was the last card I made, and it might actually be my favorite. Shocking, huh?? I think it is perfect for a little boy- what little boy doesn't want to go into space?? The details are somewhat cartoonish, which makes it playful. The clouds are also embossed to make them look whispy and whimsical. The inside of the card says, "I hope your birthday is a blast!"
The next card is a card for the "mature woman". ;) It has an island theme to it, which would be perfect for a summer birthday. The little lady is all ready for a luau, with her coconut bra, grass skirt, and drink, of course! The wave are rolling by, all sparkly in the sun. The inside of this card says, "May your coconuts never hang lower than your grass skirt!" What a nice way to tell a friend they're getting older...
 And finally, the younger girl's card. Like I said before, this card can really be for any age. What little girl doesn't like pink? Or big girl, for that matter!!  It is the most elegant of the group. The flower is handmade, and with a little glitter, because you can't have a birthday without sparkles! The little bow serves as the topper for the cake. The inside of this one says, "May wonderful things come your way today, and always." I am also entering this card into Cooking with the Cricut's "Pink-a-licious" challenge this week- I couldn't not enter a challenge that was all about pink!!

Thanks for looking through all of that today! We appreciate it immensely! Come back tomorrow for another project that's slightly out-of-the-box!

Today's Party Trivia:
- Rhode Island is 222 years old today. It became the 13th state in 1790.
- Wisconsin is slightly younger, becoming a state 164 years ago, in 1848.
- In 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay completed their journey to the summit of Mount Everest. They were the first to do so. (And now they have "traffic jams" there...)


  1. Fabulous Cards!!!My favorite is the PINK pne of Course..Love the cake!!!Love sweets!!LOL

  2. What a delightful set of cards. They are all so wonderfully detailed. Thanks for sharing at Cooking with Cricut.