Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Exciting News!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday today. I know we are! We are in the middle of another beautiful day! Not as arm as it has been, but the sun is out and shining! (Sorry for everyone at home who’s been having rain…) Our big news of the day is kind of exciting, at least for us it is! So, in the paper crafting-blog world there are a ton of challenges that different people put on. Anyway, we entered one of them with our Mother’s Day project. And we were fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the “Top Five” entries! It’s just so exciting to see your projects on another blog, because it means there are people who are looking at it!
OK, back to today’s project. As going on with our theme of the week, we made an invitation for a summer party or picnic. It’s a very patriotic invite. I wish I had some people to invite over so I could use it! 
The first picture is of it "closed". The second is the card open. It rests nicely on the point of the star. I like how you can read what it is even before opening it up.
This last picture is of the center, up close. The hat sits nicely on the rosette. It matches the banner from earlier this week.

One more thing before I sign off for today. I kind of like the idea of leaving you with some interesting facts of the day. I like to call it “Party Trivia”. You never know when it'll come in handy!!
Today’s Party Trivia:
     - The first nickel was minted today in 1866. There used to be a half-dime piece.
     - The first Academy Awards were held today in 1929.
     - The first can of Spaghetti-O’s was sold in 1965. (Probably should have stayed in the ‘60’s…)

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