Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is The Hatter with Me??

Actually, not too much. I don't think... Happy Tuesday, everyone! We hope everyone is having a good week so far. We are having a blast with all of these Alice in Wonderland projects! Today’s post is a little different than some of our other projects that we’ve done, although it still uses paper and ribbon. It’s actually two different projects. They would be perfect for photo props! (Don't mind the model...)
The first is Alice’s hairbow. It’s a little black bow attached to a headband. So cute and simple! And of course, it’s a nice way to doll-up any hairdo! Perfect for everyday, as well!
The second isn’t quite as multi-purpose, but just as cute (In our opinion!) This is the Mad Hatter's fascinator! It includes his icon card, of course!, How cute is it?
Thanks for stopping by! Join us tomorrow for another Wonderland project- it’ll be a treat!

5/22- Today’s Party Trivia:
The first atlas was published in 1570. It had 70 maps in it.
- Charles Darwin and Co. set sail on the HMS Beagle in 1826 (sorry, it’s the science teacher in me!!)
- The first wagon train began the five-month journey on the Oregon Trail. (the trip is long enough by car, imagine in a wagon. As long as you can ford the river and don’t have to caulk the wagon, I guess.)

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