Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cupcake Saturday!

Welcome to another weekend! It is supposed to be beautiful out this way- up to 70 degrees and sunny today and tomorrow! It's too gorgeous to stay inside, so we'll have to plan on something outdoors to do. And, speaking of outdoors, today's Cupcake Saturday is in honor of Earth Day. These cupcakes are our take on the "dirt" cupcake. Ours are a chocolate pudding cake with a chocolate frosting (chocolate overload on these!) But what is that sticking out of the top?? It's a worm!! Now, most people would be absolutely repulsed to find a worm in their apple, let alone their cupcake! How disappointing (and nasty) would that be?! Fortunately, ours are just gummy worms, trying to make their way to the surface. It's kind of like what happens when it rains and all the worms come out. Anyway, the cupcakes are sprinkled with crushed up cookies, so it looks like the ground is overturned. And a hint of green grass! Luckily, these cupcakes are safe to eat!

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