Friday, July 6, 2012

Kid-Friendly Friday!

Welcome to another weekend! Since this week's theme is let's go on a picnic, I've decided that we need to make some friends for ours. These egg carton critters are much better picnic guests than real ants. They won't take your food!

Egg carton
Black paint
Paint brush
Pipe cleaners
Pokey tool
White out pen or white marker
Googly eyes (optional)
Glue (optional)

Step One:
Cut out a three cup section from the egg carton. Paint the carton black.

Step Two:
While the paint is drying, take 2 pipe cleaners. Cut them into quarters. We will use two pieces for the antennae and 6 for the legs. Once the paint is dry, use the pokey tool (totally the name of it... or a safety pin would work too) to make two holes on the top of the head, and three more on each side of the body.

Step Three:
Stick a pipe cleaner piece into each hole. On the inside of the carton, twist the cleaner to keep it in place.

Step Four:
Draw on the mouth and stick on the eyes. That's it!
 In case your little one doesn't want to make an ant, I have a monarch butterfly. He was made the same way, just switch the spots where the eyes are and the antennae are, and don't add legs. I used hands for the butterfly wings and decorated them to look like a monarch's wings. Finally, I glued them to the bottom of the carton.
 Here are our egg carton critters enjoying a sunny day outside!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow for our picnic cupcakes!

Today's Party Trivia:
- The dollar was chosen as the currency of the US in 1785
- The first use of the rabies vaccine was in 1885. The same person who developed the pasteurization process for dairy products discovered the vaccine. It was used on a boy who was bit by a rabid dog.
- The Hartford Circus Fire happened in 1944 during a Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey show. 168 people were killed and the circus was banned in parts of Connecticut.

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