Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wedding Week!

It’s another week, which means we need another theme to work on. Since we will be celebrating the marriage of one of our closest friends this weekend, what better theme than wedding? We are really excited to help the bride put together some of the last minute things and to get the party started!!
We’re starting off the week with some engagement cards. We have two that were really easy to put together, but special enough to give the happy couple. Both cards have a touch of embossing to give them that fancy look.

The red jewels really pop, and I love how the flamingos make a heart with their beaks!

Thanks for stopping by!

Today's Party Trivia:

- The Wall Street Journal was first published in 1889.
- In 2011, NASA launched the Atlantis, the final mission in the Space Shuttle program
- Today is National Milk Chocolate with Almonds day. For all of those who are sweet, but slightly nutty...

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