Monday, July 9, 2012

You are Invited...

Today we have some wedding invitations that we put together really quickly. We've been lucky enough to make invitations for a couple of our friends' weddings, and have found that we really enjoy it. There's nothing like helping someone make a fantastic first impression about their wedding. And really, for us, one of the nicest things about making a large number of cards at once is the assembly line process. After figuring out one, the rest are exactly the same. It also helps that there are two of us working on them at the same time to cut production in half.

Thanks for stopping by!

Today's Party Trivia:
- Five days after it was signed, the Declaration of Independence was read out loud for the first time.
- Tennis's famed Wimbledon Championship was held for the first time in 1877
- The world's largest tsunami, with a wave of more than 500m high, occurred in 1958
- Today is National Sugar Cookie Day- our dad's favorite!! :0)

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