Saturday, July 14, 2012


So today's the big day! Our good friends are getting married today! We are very excited for them and their future together. We wanted to share the wedding gift we made for this great couple.

When they got engaged, we made a card with Cinderella and Prince Charming that you can see here. Now that they are getting married, we wanted to include the two on their wedding card. The wedding is on the water, so it needed some sand and a watercolor sunset.

To go with the card, we made a quilt, using their wedding colors. I'm really proud of how this came out. I love the ribbon around the border. I hope they enjoy it (and each other :) ) for many years to come.


Thanks for stopping by!

Today's Party Trivia:
-Today is Bastille Day. In 1789, Parisian citizens stormed the Bastille, a fortress-prison. The prison itself was seen as a symbol of the King's almighty power. This event would lead to the start of the French Revolution.
- In 1853, New York City hosted the first World's Fair held in the United States
- The first pictures to be taken of another planet were taken of Mars, in 1965.
- Today is National Nude Day. Go out and celebrate...or not...Make sure it's not at someone's wedding, though. You may not be friends after that...


  1. We really do love it!! Came out great. Thanks so much! Miss you guys

    1. I'm so glad you guys enjoy it! We miss you too!