Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cupcake Saturday! (on Thursday)

So, this is a little early, but any day is really a great day for cupcakes! We wanted to keep Saturday open for a very special post! Going along with this week's theme, we have little wedding cupcakes to share. There are a ton of different variations of these, so this is our interpretation. We tried to base ours off of the little favors we made earlier this week, but the coloring isn't quite the same, as you can tell. Her coloring made her look more like a cartoon character rather than a person...
They are just plan little vanilla cupcakes. These particular ones don't have any frosting on them, which made it easier for us to decorate. Aren't these adorable?! They would be easily customizable to your own wedding colors, too. Thanks for stopping by! Join us tomorrow for another Kid-Friendly Friday, which showcases a super-easy way to fancy any table up!

Today's Party Trivia:
- July 12th is another slow news day...
- The Rolling Stones held their last concert in London in 1962.
- Today is National Pecan Pie Day.

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