Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cupcake Saturday!

I think we can say goodbye to the sun out here in the Northwest. After some beautiful weather for the past 3+ months, we won't be seeing much of the sun until July. Oh well. That means there is plenty of time for cupcake making on the weekends, right?! Today's cupcake is in honor of pumpkin week: a Pumpkin-Praline Cupcake.

The cake is pumpkin flavored with a pecan praline topping. Let me say, this came out kind of a mess (nothing like a sugar and butter mixture exploding all over the pan) but sometimes messes can be delicious. These are really good. The praline topping was supposed to go in the bottom of the cake pan, with the batter on top, but those turned out even messier, so we went with the lesser of two messes and came out with these. They don't need frosting or anything, because they're pretty sweet, but not too sweet (you can kind of see the glaze on top) and the pecans give them a nice little crunch too.

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