Monday, October 8, 2012

Less-Mess Lanterns

Oh Monday, how you mess up the week... Well, hopefully this project will brighten up your day a little. Back in August, during our camping week, we made cute little lanterns with mason jars. Here's the link to that project. Since they weren't being used at the moment, we figured we would dress them up and repurpose them. Here they are.

For the jack o'lantern, we used regular acrylic paint to coat the inside. I used a sponge brush so there would be enough color, but still let more than enough light out. The face was cut out of black paper, but black vinyl would work even better. They would be so cute lining a walkway on Halloween night. (And less messy than jack-o-lanterns, hence the title of this post.)

I was ready to make a second jack o'lantern, but realized that I wouldn't have enough paint to cover the inside. We had some cheesecloth from another project left over, and I knew a mummy would be great! I also know that mummies don't glow, but how can you resist? I cut strips of the cheesecloth and glued them randomly onto the mason jar, and then added some googly eyes to it. How easy is that?!

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