Friday, October 12, 2012

What Did the Boy Pumpkin Say to the Girl Pumpkin?

Hey there, gourd-geous!!

Har har! Silly, I know. Happy Friday, everyone! We hope everyone had a great week! We are definitely looking forward to the weekend. After three months of gorgeous weather, the rain has come back and we have an "excuse" to sit home and craft... (like we really need one!) But that's OK, we have a ton of stuff to work on, so we'll be busy, and out of trouble. Hopefully. ;)
Anyway, today's project is another wreath we made to add some color to our apartment. Right now it's hanging on our door. I wish we could hang it up outside, but I don't know how long it would last out there. Not that I don't trust our neighbors, but still.
How cute?! It is supposed to be a pumpkin, with its brown stem hanger and twisted vines. The vines didn't come out quite like I wanted, but it's still cute. This is an up-close view of the words, and the little pumpkin on the side:
This wreath was fun to make, once all of the tulle was cut. Not such a fan of cutting it, but putting the wreath together was super simple. We already have a Halloween one planned!
We are entering this project into BBTB2's Pumpkin Challenge here. We used the Birthday Cakes and Happily Ever After on this project. (Funny story. I had been planning this for like two weeks and saw this challenge, and thought, "Oh, this is perfect!". And then I saw the one from the design team member. And here I thought it was a *brilliant* idea! I guess great minds think alike! I do love all the sparkle on hers!)
Thanks so much for stopping by! We appreciate it!


  1. Love your orange tulle wreath. So cute. Thanks for joining us at BBTB2. Stephanie

  2. what a fun project, thanks for sharing and joining us at BBTB2, hugs

  3. Cute idea. I love the cut out title for the wreath. Thanks for joining us at BBTB2.

  4. What a cute idea...thanks for sharing it with us at BBTB2.

  5. Cute and fun pumpkin wreath! Thanks for sharing with us at BBTB2!

  6. your wreath is really cute and i liked your cheesey lil ha ha :) thanks for sharing with us at bbtb2 :)

  7. What a fun fall wreath... Love the pumpkin cut. Thanks for sharing with us at BBTB2.