Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh, So Adora-boo!

Happy Sunday! We hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far! It's been kind of chilly here, with some rain, but then the sun will pop out and it makes everything better! Hopefully it will be nice enough today so we can go see some foliage!! Anyway, here is today's project:
How cute is that little ghostie?! Such a frightening card ;) The flower was outlined with a touch of purple glitter, as well. This card actually started out as a set of three, one for each of the upcoming holidays.
They are all based off of the same layout, but with just a few changes, it can be for any day of the year! I love the flowers on all of them! Don't you love when you get an idea and then it works out just like you want it to? That's what happened with the poinsettia and the sunflower. They also have some glitter and beads on them.
Thanks for stopping by!

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