Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Who Doesn't Love Custom Requests?!

Good Wednesday morning! I hope everyone's week is going well. Mine definitely is, so far! Not looking forward to the extreme heat, but can't help but chuckle when the news station has a report on air conditioning. This is not what we're used to around here. At least the hearty New Englander in me is still kind of still used to it. Anyway, aside form yesterday's summer cards, I have been working on a handful of custom projects for a few customers. Today's project is definitely one that came out much better than I planned! Here are some invitations I created this week:
This set has quite a bit to it. The lady had seen our website and asked me to come up with a ninja turtle-themed invitation for her and I showed her a few of the other projects we made. She absolutely loved the pizza box card we made a few years back so we went with it. This is a close-up of the box and actual invitation:
My favorite part of the set was the envelope! After quite a bit of trial and error, I got my cards to fit into the envelope. To add a special touch, I added some patterned paper to the flap and thought that the front needed something instead of it being just green. I realized that the white "name tag" with patterned paper would be perfect.
And just in case we didn't know what the theme of the party was, the flap of the envelope is embellished with a little ninja turtle. Good thing I checked with her to make sure these get hand-delivered! Hopefully she likes them as much as I do!!
Thanks for stopping by! I have another custom project I absolutely love to share with you tomorrow!

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