Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Eighteen: You Can't Ride in My Little Red Wagon

Even with the train across the way, last night was not totally unbearable. I think the train only passed twice during the night. The rain held off for the most part- it only drizzled a little. When we woke up, it was a little windy and I was afraid it would pick the tent up and crash it into the barbed wired fence behind us. Apparently, the campers out here wake up slowly, which made using the bathroom very convenient. We spent this morning at Riverfront Park today. It's a really cute park in the middle of downtown Spokane. There is a sculpture garden there, and it has some really amazing pieces. The first one we came to was a bunch of runners made from metal. There are a whole bunch of statues that are running around the corner to the finish line. Robyn elbowed the winner out of the way to win the race! The next one was the Red Flyer. Or, in this case, the very large red wagon! It is absolutely ginormous! You can also slide down the handle. I realized that I don't like slides very much. There are also a whole bunch of "real" sculptures. There is a large Chinese lantern and another in the lake (I'm not exactly sure what that one was supposed to be) Unfortunately, we didn't see the garbage-eating goat sculpture. The park has beautiful flowers all over the place, so we were able to get some cool pictures of them. There is also a clock tower that has bells that ring every hour. The park is also "home" to the Spokane Falls. Not quite Niagara or Grand Coulee, but it is apparently the largest falls in an urban area in the country.
After that, we spent some time in River Front Square, which is a shopping mall. It is a very high-end set of stores. We went to a store that was probably the coolest store ever! The store is called aNeMoNe. They have an entire store of paper flowers! They make all of their flowers at the store. They make bouquets, corsages, barrettes and hair clips, and anything else that has flowers on it. We went to a few other stores, but they were too expensive for our budgets.
We were trying to go to Riverside State Park, but decided we didn't want to pay for how long we were going to be there. It was only going to be a 10 minute deal, so we chose to forgo it. We spent the afternoon getting the car checked up, so we can continue our trip. We passed the time watching reruns of Friends. It's still funny! After about 90 minutes, the car was ready to go. They even washed it for us, for free! It's time the bugs got off the windshield. Gross, I know, but we tried countless times to get them off, and just couldn't! We then to Walmart to get some stuff for dinner and breakfast. We're going to give the grill another go around, and hope that it works this time. If not, we can always make oatmeal! They have everything you need at the Supercenters, even wine at $3.45 a bottle. The one thing that is weird about this area are the roads. There are quite a few that are one way, but they're like 4 lanes wide, so it makes it hard to judge where the car coming towards you is headed. After that, we came back to the camp and took it easy. As we are making dinner there is this little boy, like 15, who keeps running back and forth with his backpack, like he is going on some strenuous run through the camp. There are only 3 'roads' he can run here, and it's not like it's that hot...Just saying. So, now it's time for some dinner and wine, and maybe some picture posting!

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