Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Twenty-Five: A Day Off

Today was a laid-back kind of day. After camping for a week or so, it was time for a hotel. A bed and clean laundry are always nice! Their free 24-hour coffee also helps! We are staying in Federal Way, which is about 35 minutes south of Seattle. The hotel is across the street from the fanciest Wal-Mart we've seen. It has a drive-through pharmacy! It's a pretty good position for Seattle, Olympia, and Mt. Rainier, all of which we plan on doing this week. We didn't do too much today. We did figure out how we are going to spend most of our time here, though. We planned some exciting tours, too! (Don't want to give too much away!) Other than that, not too much for today. We are going to Seattle tomorrow and spending the day there. Until later.

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