Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day Twenty-Seven: Part 1 (Update from Yesterday)

We left the hotel rather early (or so we thought) because we knew that there would be rush-hour traffic, game traffic, and Katy Perry had a concert in the city last night, too. Put it all together, and it sounds like it would be a mess Fortunately, getting there wasn't nearly as bad as we thought. However, we ended up taking a wrong turn and drove farther into the city than we wanted. Luckily, we were able to find a parking garage and were able to walk. There were so many people in the streets, and I don't know if I've ever seen that many soccer fans just walking down the street! It was kind of far, but we figured if we followed the crowd, we'd be OK. And we were. I picked up the tickets, and the guy was like, "Oh, you're far from home." Yes, yes we are! We ended up walking around the entire stadium, but found our seats. Apparently our tickets we "All-Inclusive", according to the usher. We ended up sitting with all of the season ticket holders. Pretty sure they weren't the same tickets I bought on-line (according to that, we were supposed to be in row N, we were in A...oh well, not complaining, and no one kicked us out!)
As for the game, it was very exciting. They did two presentations at the beginning of the game, and then rolled out the red carpet for the players (no lie!) We also found a devil mascot that might be worse than the Central Blue Devil. We were a little disappointed when Manchester United wasn't wearing their red uniforms, but we got over it. At least they weren't the bright yellow the Seattle Sounders were wearing! You would think that with uniforms that bright, it would be impossible to pass the ball to the wrong team! The first half of the game was pretty good. Michael Owen and Man U scored once, but it was an even game. During half-time, they had the "necessary" challenges. The people who were out there weren't very good. Then they brought out the Champions Cup and paraded that around for a few minutes. The second half was a different story. Wayne Rooney came in for Man U and Seattle took Kasey Keller out of goal and that was pretty much the end of the game. Seattle left Rooney open too much and he scored three goals and assisted another. We told ourselves that we would leave either at 8 goals or 85 minutes. We left at 7 goals and 88 minutes. We didn't miss anything! Luckily, after realizing that we weren't really sure where we parked, and the ticket didn't have an address on it, we were able to retrace our steps and made it back to the car. We drove around the city, to avoid the nasty hills, and were back on the highway, back to the hotel. We got back around 10:00, which was definitely earlier than I would have thought.
Now, it's time to head out for the day. We are planning on heading out to Mt. Rainier and taking a look at that. Pretty exciting! Hope everyone at home is staying cool and hydrated. Hate to brag, but it's about 60 here and cloudy.

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