Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Thirty-Three: If A Tree Falls in the Forest...

... and it lands on someone, will they hear you yelling?
We decided to take a day trip out to North Cascades National Park today. After a very full day yesterday, we took our time getting ready this morning. We made some eggs and toast for breakfast, so the delay was definitely worth it. After leaving around 10, the GPS said that it was 50 miles away, but would take 2 hours. Well, the 2 hour part was right, not the 50 miles. It was about 100 miles away, but well worth the time. There wasn't much to see on the way out to the park, but once we got there, the sights were awesome. This state keeps getting better and better! The Cascades are named for all of the waterfalls that the park has. And the waterfalls come from the melting glaciers. The park has the largest number of glaciers in the United States, outside of Alaska. I guess after our slightly disappointing trip to Glacier National Park, we have been able to see more than our fair share of glaciers. The lakes were crystal clear and reflected the mountains above it. We have a book that is all about different road trips to take, and one mentions the park. We decided to follow the suggestion and take a hike on one of the trails. We followed the directions that the book gave, along with the map of the park, and came to a trailhead. We figured that the two sources were talking about the same trail (since the book didn't actually have a name to go by). Still not sure if they are. But the one we took led us through a curvy climb up to the top. The view at the top was magnificent. It was absolutely breathtaking. We took tons of pictures, but I'm pretty sure they won't do it justice. There was an area where all you heard were the trees creaking (hence, the title) and were leaning against each other. We were afraid that with one good gust, one was going to come down. Luckily, it didn't. We also saw a woodpecker, working at a tree. We were able to watch it for a few minutes, but then he flew away. It was surprisingly loud as it flew by. This is another place that has to be seen first-hand to be appreciated. They all kind of start looking the same, but each park is distinct in its own way.
After that, we decided to stop at Walmart to pick up some things. There were more Canadians there than Americans. That's one thing we have on them. We read a statistic that a pound of butter costs us $3.00 but it costs them $5.00. I'm sure they didn't have a problem crossing back. It wouldn't bother me so much, except the ladies behind us started to complain about something trivial. If you don't like it, go back home. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against foreigners, obviously, but go with the flow and try to fit in.
As I'm writing this, the family playing beach ball volleyball is quite comical. The older brother is getting frustrated, very frustrated, at the little sister. Sounds familiar!)
So, now that it is getting late, it's time to start dinner. Tonight's dinner is spicy Southwestern nachos and turtle s'mores for dessert!! Yum!

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