Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day Twenty-Two: Port Angeles and Sequim

(We are aware that it has been a few days since we last updated, but the campground we are staying at only allows you to be online for 2 hours at a time, and has very few outlets hanging around.)
After our day out on the town yesterday, we decided that today would be a good day to kind of stroll through town leisurely. We started by going out to breakfast at a place called Olympic Bagel Company down the street. Mmmmm.... They had some delicious bagels! They come in every flavor, too! From Apple Crunch to French Toast to Pizza to Lavender Blueberry. Basically anything you want. Then, after breakfast, we decided to head over to Sequim (pronounced SKWIM). It's the next town on 101 going east, but it's 15 miles away! The towns are so far from each other, but not as bad as South Dakota or Wyoming... Anyway, they were having their Lavender Festival there this weekend. They have like 14 or 15 different farms that you can go to and check out their lavender fields. Apparently the town is the Lavender Capital of North America. And it grows everywhere. Not just on the farms, but on the side of the road, too. Our campground bathroom is decorated in purples and has lavender displays all over it. It's a pretty big deal out here. They put it in everything, too. Like the lavender risotto at the restaurant yesterday, lavender ice cream, and wine. I'm not sure lavender should be put into food... I think it should just be set out pretty. We went to one of the farms. Not much to see. Then found the Olympic Discovery Trail. It's like the rail-trail at home. It connects Port Angeles and Sequim. And then we found the Dungenness Wildlife Refuge. We tried to take some pictures off of the bluffs there, but it was so foggy, that you couldn't really see anything. You could see about a foot of water if you looked down, but that's about it.
After driving through there, we decided to head back to Port Angeles. We walked up and down a few of the main streets there. There is a lot of boutique shopping in town. (They call it a city. The population is only 19,000. It's a town.) We stopped at the Farmer's Market in the center. Not very big, but a lot of different things to choose from. After the market, we went to the Dazzled By Twilight store. We picked up some postcards and souvenirs. After that, we went out to a small section of their beach out by the ferry. We saw some big crabs washed up on the beach and some fish in the water. Again, it was really foggy so it was hard to see much. Then it was up to the pier to take a walk around there. It was pretty neat, though, to see the fog trying to lift off of the water.
Now that the sun is coming out, hopefully we can see Mt. Baker or at least some of the Olympic Mountains!

Life is a Highway (Washington Photos)

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