Friday, June 15, 2012

Kid-Friendly Friday: Father's Day Card

Happy Friday! It's time for another Kid-Friendly project. Since Father's Day is coming up, what better way to show dad how much you love him than with a great big hug?! I know my dad likes great big-bear hug-lift you off the floor-hugs.Today's project will be one that dad remembers for a while.

I Love You This Much! Card
Cardstock (2 colors, 8 1/2x11in should be more than enough)

Step One: Tracing and Cutting
Trace two handprints- one right and one left- onto one sheet of cardstock. Some parental or older sibling help will be needed to trace writing hand. Cut around the hand. Make sure none of those fingers go missing! From the other sheet of paper, cut a strip 1in by length of paper.

Step Two: Writing
On one handprint, write the name you call your dad. (Or really whatever you want. I figured I would write dad on the front so it reads like a message. But it's totally up to you!) On the other, write your note to dad. You may want to flip the hands over before writing so the pencil lines aren't showing. Write, "I Love You This Much!" along the length of the strip. Accordion fold the strip.

Step Three: Gluing

Glue one handprint, writing side up, to the back of the first section of the strip. Glue the second handprint, also writing side up, to the back of the last section of the strip. You may need to add another fold at the end if it's not quite right.

Step Four: Decorating
Add some pizzazz to your card. Think of some of dad's favorite things and draw them on. Or use embellishments to jazz it up. When you're done, fold the card up, wrap it in love, and give it to dad!
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Today's Party Trivia:

- On a stormy night in 1752, Ben Franklin took a kite for a flight. As they say, the rest is electrifying!! (Super cheesy, I know!!)
- The 49th parallel is established as the border between the US and Canada in 1846. Today, some of Canada's largest cities, including Toronto and Montreal, are south of this border.
- The Great Smoky Mountains National Park was founded today in 1934.

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