Monday, June 11, 2012

A Well-Dressed Card

Today's post is another card for that special man in your life. I bet a father, grandfather, or uncle would love this card! This might be the best dressed card I've seen.
It is our take on the shirt and tie cards that make their way out around Father's Day. We wanted to do something a little different than those, something with a little more "oomph". So, when you open the first layer (the vest, above), you can see the tie, with its little tie clip, too!!
When you open the shirt up (;0)) you have a nice little spot to write a message! This one says, "Your love 'ties' us together! Happy Father's Day!" (So embarrassing...I used the wrong 'your'...and that's one of my pet peeves as a teacher...)
With all of the layers, it allows a lot of room for writing notes to him, or for hiding a gift card in it. The added buttons give it more of a designer shirt as well. They also help keep the vest and shirt closed!
Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow for another Father's Day gift!

Today's Party Trivia:
- In 1776, five members of the Continental Congress draft the Declaration of Independence.
- Three prisoners allegedly escaped from Alcatraz in 1962.
- Today is National German Chocolate Day, which was not named after the country, rather than the man who came up with the type of chocolate.

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