Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sand Pail Gift Card Holder

Today's project is a sand pail. But not any sand pail. This one holds a gift card for the birthday person! I really like the microbeads we used to make the sand look like sand. It definitely adds to the card, as long as they don't all roll off the table when you're putting them on.

Thanks for stopping by!

Today's Party Trivia:
-The US government declared Christmas a federal holiday in 1870.
- Coney Island's roller coaster, the Cyclone, opened in 1927. It is now considered a National Historical Landmark.
- The first product to be scanned using a UPC was a pack of gum


  1. This is so Cute!Absolutely Amazing!!!

  2. Very cute and attractive design for plastic card holders after seeing this some new ideas are coming in mind....