Friday, June 8, 2012

Kid-Friendly Friday: Graduation Edition

 Can you feel it? The end of the school year is upon us! The kids are squirmy- so ready for summer to start. Today's project is another kid-friendly project to celebrate those graduates, from kindergarten to college. (This one is much easier and quicker than last week's project!)

Egg Carton Graduation Caps
Egg carton (Make sure it's empty!)
Cardboard (cereal box)
Paint (in desired school color.)
Paint brush
Embroidery string (in desired school color)
Button (no bigger than 3/4in. in a matching color)
Marker (optional)

Step One:
Cut off one section of the egg carton. Also cut a 2.5" square from the cereal box.Paint one side of cardboard and outside of egg carton. Let dry. Paint the other sides when ready. Let dry.
Just a note: I used Folk Art Metallic paint in Blue Sapphire. I love the subtle shimmer of these paint colors.

Step Two:
While the paint is drying, we'll make the tassel. Cut 14-6in pieces, 1-5in piece, and 1-3in piece of string. Match the ends of the 6 in. pieces and fold them in half. Take the 5 in. piece and tie a knot around the bunch, about a finger-width from the fold. Wrap the rest of that piece around to create the thick part. When you can't go any farther, add a dab of glue to ends. Cut off any stray ends. Take the remaining 3 in. piece of string and thread through the loop. Tie off end and trim.

Step Three: 
Now it's time to put the cap together. Glue the cardboard square to the flat side of the egg carton, and the button to the middle of the cardboard. When the glue has dried, wrap the single loop of the tassel around the button. Voile!

Some notes~
If the tassel looks too long, feel free to cut it to a more manageable length. These would be great place markers for a party or as a decoration on a table. Write names on the top with a Sharpie. Or the school name, or the year, or decorate the top with a design, or....

Thanks for stopping by! Come back for another Cupcake Saturday tomorrow.

Today's Party Trivia:
- James Madison proposed 12 amendments, ten of them were ratified and became the Bill of Rights
- Universal Pictures was incorporated today in 1912.
- Today is World Ocean Day

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