Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cupcake Saturday! (On Sunday)

How come Monday is so far from Friday and Friday is so close to Monday?! We had quite a busy weekend but needed to get our Cupcake Saturday in. I almost forgot about it yesterday, but on the way to pick up E & S from the airport it hit me! So here's this week's Cupcake Saturday Sunday.

This week, we made Mississippi Mud Pie Cupcakes. It's a good thing we did so much walking around yesterday, since these cupcakes are definitely not low anything, except gluten. We spent the day seeing just about everything they wanted to see in Seattle, which meant several hours of walking. Since S has Celiac disease, we needed to make sure that they were GF so she can enjoy them too! We started off with Betty Crocker's GF cake mix, put marshmallows and chocolate frosting in the inside, cooked them, and BAM! They made such a mess oozing out. The pan will need a heavy duty soaking tonight.

After prying them out of the pan, they were topped with more chocolate frosting, chopped pecans, and a mini marshmallow. Like I said, definitely not low-anything, but at least this week we have help eating them!

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