Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bedroom Makeover!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far. We've been pretty busy around here today, but didn't get much paper crafting done. Just business of the cleaning sort. Boring, right? But I wanted to make a quick post showing off some of the bedroom decor I made earlier this summer. It was definitely time for a change from my darker, winter colors.

Here's the room before:

It didn't really need a style update, for me at least, but the color was dark and it was just time for a change. I will probably go back to it come fall, but for now, it looks like this:
I love the gray and yellow color scheme. It brightens up the room a lot, perfect for summer. Even with the gray, it is pretty cheery. I found the directions for the duvet cover at Be Sweetly Inspired here. I didn't quite follow all of her directions, but got the general idea there. It was a set of king sized sheets and after it was pintucked, sewn wrong sides together. It looks hard, time consuming, and expensive, but wasn't at all!
The next step was the accents and extras around the room. I went over to Joann's, and after getting distracted and looking at everything in the store, went over to the fabric section. Luckily, since I had the solid gray and yellow, finding a pattern that matched wasn't hard. I got about 3 1/2 yards and was able to do all of those little pretties around. (It was a couple of months ago, but I think it was 3 1/2, maybe 3, maybe 4... somewhere in there. And of course you'd have to measure your own, but that's a rough estimate to start with.)

I cut the strips for the bed skirt by measuring the length (times two) and the width of the bed, and then how far I wanted it to be on the floor. After those three easy cuts, I attached the skirt with Velcro. This way, later on when I want to change it, it just pulls off, and a new one can be put up.

The bed skirt took up most of the fabric, but there was still enough to cover up the two lampshades. They needed it after a previous not-so-well-done decor project. There are a ton of tutorials out there to learn how to do this.
I don't have a headboard with my bed, but I needed something on the wall behind the bed. You can see the one that was there before, which clearly wouldn't match the yellow and gray. So we had one canvas at home, left over from another project, and I got two more for the set of three. They were recovered with the fabric rectangles. The hardest part of this was making sure they were straight and spaced evenly, or evenly enough.
And there was just enough left over to recover the small pillow in the middle, finishing off the look. I love the update and it makes going to sleep even more inviting at night! Or sleeping in.

Thanks for stopping by!

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