Friday, July 26, 2013

Spa Gift Set

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope the week went by pretty quick for you. I know it did here. We have a busy week coming up with family visiting!! We're definitely looking forward to that, and I know they are too, since they will be getting a reprieve from the Texas heat!
Anyway, today's project is perfect for a Friday afternoon, or weekend, or any time, really. We made this super cute relaxation kit for our brother's girlfriend's birthday.
We figured that after having to deal with our brother all the time, she needed something to help her relax! This box has everything she needs, except the wine, but only because they frown up sending wine through the mail... We were busy in the kitchen making the various scrubs and bath salts (not the drug kind, don't worry!) and decorated the mason jars with little labels. Michael's had some great finds in their Dollar Spot, or whatever they call it with all of their matching items. We went with the purple and teal color scheme, and found a really cute matching box, which is just a photo box.

The card to go with it is a 5x7 with a chica in the same color scheme. Since no birthday card is complete without some glitter, we added some to the bathtub to make the bubbles look extra inviting.

 Here are the box and card together. I hope she enjoys some alone time with it!
 Thanks for stopping by!

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