Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kitchen Vinyl Project

I hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend. I know that as soon as I finish posting this, we get to take a drive up to Seattle to pick up the family from Texas! They're super excited to come and explore the PNW and we're happy to have them. It's been just about two years since we've seen them, so it will be nice to have them here for the week.

Today's post is a super quick kitchen project we did a little while back. Our kitchen is decorated in red, white, and black. Since we're only renting and don't want to paint or redo anything, we mostly decorate with our appliances and other things on the counters. We found these plain red canisters at IKEA the last time we went and knew they would look much better than the gingerbread ones we had in there before. (I know, gingerbread are awesome, but not really year-round.)

But they were definitely boring. We gave them a face lift with some leftover black and white vinyl, with the names of what's inside each one. Since they were still a little plain, we added some adhesive rhinestones around the frame, which you can see in the next picture. They jazzed them up and made them more girly.

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