Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cupcake Saturday!

I'm so excited to share these cupcakes today! The other day, we showed some of the adorable Baby Pooh things we are working on, and these go right along with them.

These honey pot cupcakes were so easy to make, but look awesome. These are just plain yellow cupcakes, frosted with lemon yellow buttercream, and stuck into a terracotta planter. They are decorated with paper cutouts saying "hunny," just like Pooh spells it. There is cupcake underneath there, but they're way too cute to dig through!

It could definitely be painted, or drawn on, but I'm much neater with paper. The honey around the top is just a strip of paper, trimmed to look like it's dripping down the sides. Again, could definitely be paint, but I'm just not that artistic, either.

No honey pot is complete without a buzzing bee or two flying around!

Thanks for stopping by!

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