Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 Ornaments

Yesterdays Answer: Mini vans!

A few years ago, we started using ornaments as gift tags. They are so much better because tags usually get thrown away and this way, the receiver needs to keep it! One year we used inks to paint them, and last year we used a ton of glitter to fill them. This year, we wanted to make snowmen. We used the same glitter technique as last year, but didn’t need nearly as much since we were going to paint over parts anyway. After letting the glue and glitter dry, we replaced the tops and added the snowmen’s facial features and pipe-cleaner ear muffs. Finally, we used glitter paint to add the year on the back. This is definitely a great project to let kids help with, especially the glitter part!
(It's kind of dark, but I hope you can see it still.)
Today’s Joke: Why was the deer wet?

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