Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another Quilt

Yesterday’s Answer: A point-setter!

(I’m posting this because it is kind of hard to hide things from each other, so she kind of already knows what it looks like. Oh well. She’ll still enjoy it!)
Each of the blocks is a different pattern from the Quilter’s Cache website, which has a ton of quilt blocks and all of the directions needed to make them. I knew that I wanted them to be 12x12 squares, so I looked at those first. Then I realized there were different block patterns for each state. After this summer’s epic road trip, I knew I would use the ones from the states that we visited. I used the same fabrics from other projects (the chair covers and cushions, tree skirt and stockings, and the aprons). I think it looks adorable!

Today’s Joke: What do you call an elf that steals gift wrap?

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