Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dining Decor

Yesterday’s Answer: No woman wears the same outfit every year!

Today’s projects are a few weeks in the making. It took a while to get it right, but I think we did. It’s our “Winter Wonderland” dining room décor and tablescape. The room is usually pretty dark, since it has brown paneling, and kind of gets forgotten. We put whatever doesn’t have a spot anywhere else in here. Well, not this year! It definitely needed some brightening up, and what better way than with silver, whites, and blue?! The tablecloth and curtains were some cheap twin-sized sheets that we repurposed for the room. Then we threw on a white lacy cloth to add some white (and to hide some of the wrinkles we couldn’t get totally ironed out!) Next, we got some ornaments in our color scheme to put all around. They make great decorations on and off a Christmas tree! Then to bring outside in, I spray painted some small sticks silver to use in the ornaments. Finally, we threw some bright white, almost blue, icicle lights up for the final touches. Hope you enjoy it!

Today’s Joke: What kind of hat does a snowman wear?

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