Friday, December 23, 2011

Everyone's Getting Ready!

Yesterday’s Answer: Claus-trophobic!

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and Mrs. Claus has been busy getting Santa’s suit ready for the big night!

If you remember, we previously made a baby clothes line card and thought it came out great! So we decided to hang Santa’s clothes up for our Christmas cards this year. All of the pieces were cut with the Cricut. We added some dimension with paint for the fur trim. Dawn perfected the bows to tie the clothesline to the candy canes and the clothes were ready to hang. We had some mini clothespins in our stash of embellishments and wanted to get rid of them, so we broke them in half (less weight that way to send) and glued them on. Santa’s all set to go! Even his bag is packed and ready on the inside of the card!

Today’s Joke: What do you get when you breed a Pointer with an Irish Setter?

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