Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two Cards, One Layout

Yesterday’s Answer: The elf-abet!

Today’s projects are two easy cards. They actually have (just about) the same layout, but have very different looks to them. One of them is a birthday card for a friend of our mom, and the other is a thank you card for an early Christmas present. The birthday card has a small, matching cupcake on the front. Sounds kind of silly, but I’m really happy with how the bow came out- it was the first one I made “correctly”! After that, I had to make some more of them, and luckily we had another reason to. The gingerbread card is the thank-you. I based my colors off the background paper, and after a bit of effort, I finally came up with paper patterns that I liked, and could work with.  The gift was a Christmas ornament from our Aunt. It went right up on our kitchen wreath!

Today’s Joke: What do vampires put on their Christmas roast?

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