Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Kitchen Projects

Yesterday's Answer: A penguin!

Today’s post has two projects in it. They were both super-quick to do. The first one is our kitchen table’s centerpiece, surrounded by our gingerbread shakers. All we needed to get were candy canes, and luckily they were on sale! We had everything else at home already. We used a coffee can and the flowers I had made sometime earlier. The ornaments are a nice touch, too. The second project is a wreath we threw together in like 10 minutes. We wanted to have a little tree in the kitchen, but figured a wreath took up less room (obviously). It has all of our kitchen ornaments on it. We wanted to make a different wreath, but couldn’t find all of our Christmas cookie cutters. We have a mixer, some cookies, and snowmen bakers on it. The bottom ornament has three gingerbread people holding up a rolling pin that says “Christmas is Cooking”. It’s a nice, quick touch to add to the kitchen.

Today's Joke: How do snowmen greet each other?

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