Monday, December 5, 2011

Kitchen Decor

Yesterday's Answer: Santa Paws

The next few posts this week all have a theme. I’m pretty sure it’ll be easy to tell. Today’s project shows off our kitchen decorations. Since Mom gave us reign over the kitchen, we thought it would be fitting to put two of our favorite hobbies together. So, we decorated it like a gingerbread house!! Robyn found fabric that is absolutely adorable and started making kitchen accessories with it. Some of them may show up in pictures, but it’s not all finished yet.  There are quite a few pictures in this post. The brown cabinets actually worked well, with their frosting and candy borders. The gingerbread house on the refrigerator is hand-made. We weren’t sure where we were going to use it when we first made it, but it found its home for the season. Each cabinet and drawer handle has its own candy canes, too. The wall says “Baking spirits bright”, since that’s what you do in the kitchen! The third picture is of the table. The pink curtains are certainly different in the kitchen! And the wreath from Thanksgiving works nicely on the door. It’s kind of hard to tell, but on the closest chair, there is a cushion that Robyn made with the gingerbread fabric. There are more, just not in the picture! The last picture is of the chair cover she made. It is a textured bright pink fabric with the gingerbread fabric for the tie! We have to add a few more touches, but it looks so cute!

Today's Joke: What kind of bird can write?

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