Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School Calendar

Happy Thursday! We hope everyone is having a good week. We are enjoying the start of fall (I know, so early here), after our week of summer! To get us in the mood, today's project is a back-to-school/fall-themed calendar we designed.What teacher doesn't love fun calendars to keep all of their important dates in one place?!
We alternated between apples and leaves- two things that we think of this time of year. Oh, and our two little birdies, ready to go to school! The picture below is an up-close view of some of the pieces. We even have a special piece for the first day of fall. I do have to make the Labor Day and Back to School one still... All of the pieces are on magnets, so we can redecorate the white board accordingly.

I don't know if you can tell, but there is a pattern. That's the kindergarten teacher's idea. Much simpler than the original plan. The last picture is of the little header:
 This is probably my favorite part of the calendar. I love the little owl in the corner, just chilling on his tree branch! And the leaves on the tree are starting to change! September hasn't even started yet and I'm already looking forward to our October/Halloween calendar!
Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow for a fun little card for the mathematician in all of us!

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