Friday, August 24, 2012

Your Math Skills are Terrible!

So we were looking for projects for next week and came across the lyrics of One Direction's song, "What Makes You Beautiful." But these weren't the ones you hear on the radio. Oh no, they did a parody called, "You're Math Skills are Terrible." Well, we thought this was appropriate for school week- not because math is terrible, but because we were horrible in math growing up. I bet our dad was glad when we went off to college and he didn't have to help us any more! Luckily I can do the math required of an elementary math teacher...

The jumbled number on the front?? That's pretty much what every math book ever looked like...So this card is just for fun. I'm pretty sure that if it as ever given to someone like me growing up, I would burst out crying, but looking back at those times, I just laugh now! But the shaker part might make it worth it (but probably not).

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