Monday, August 6, 2012

Sports Ball Notecards

Happy Monday! Ok, so Mondays are hardly ever happy...Although today is turning out to be a good one. As quickly as summer came here, it has gone. Fortunately, the sun hasn't, so it'll be 70 and sun this week! (Couldn't be much happier!!) We have had 3,000 page views on our little blog here, which isn't too shabby. And we're "guest bloggers" on our sister's blog ( It's a cool concept- take projects you find on pinterest, make them, and see how it comes out. Our post is for a French Toast muffin (yum!)
Anyway, continuing on with our sports theme, we have some sports ball note cards to share. It’s amazing what changing the color of some circles can do!
Each card is a 4in welded circle with two smaller ones on top. I have to say, I was surprised at how well the soccer ball turned out. I know that they don’t look exactly like that, but it was the closest I could make it. I think they came out really well. They would make great invitations for a sports party, or thank you notes for a little boy to give out.
You can make even more, like bowling balls or volleyballs. I tried footballs, but that didn't work out so well, maybe another time.
Thanks for stopping by! Join us tomorrow for a project inspired by our favorite sport!

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