Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cupcake Saturday!

Before we get to today's cupcake post, we'd like to say Happy Anniversary to our parents! They have been happily married for 33 years!! That's a really long time! Here's to 33 more years!

I am really excited to share these cupcakes with you today. They would be a great addition to the Closing Ceremonies tomorrow. I know they aren't quite as exciting as the Opening ones, but cupcakes can make everything better!
These are our Olympic torch cupcakes. They aren't really cupcakes in the sense that they weren't baked in a cupcake pan, or in wrappers, but they are still mini-cakes, so we'll go with the cupcake title.

We baked our regular yellow cake. When it was done, we cooled, then crumbled it. Then, we took the crumbs and stuffed them into the ice cream cones. Don't worry if they don't look great. The frosting flames will cover up any that look so great. We chose this type of cone because they look more torch-like, but you could definitely use the type with the flat bottom and bake the cakes right in there.

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