Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keeping Track

Doesn't it sometimes seem that there is so much going on that you can't keep track of everything? OK, so our lives are very exciting right now, but when we were coaching, there were weeks when there was something to do every day. We usually made a calendar on the computer and wrote everything on that. Sometimes it would just get too messy and confusing. Today's project would have been nice for those times!
So, this is a weekly calendar we made. If you're a fan of pinterest, there are quite a few versions of this project out there. Some of them are pretty big, so we thought this size would be perfect. It fits nicely on a table or counter, which makes it convenient, instead of taking up a lot of room. We went with a soccer theme, complete with the colors of the Seattle Sounders (they're the professional soccer team here)! This one would be perfect for a little boy's or girl's bedroom. The beauty of something like this is that it is completely personalize-able. It can be any color, sport, or activity. Or holiday-themed. I really want to make one for the holidays! This is what makes it so great:
It is like a wet-erase board! So, if you haven't guessed yet, this is actually made from a picture frame. The days of the week and decorations are on the inside of the frame. With a washable marker, you can write on the frame. It only takes a little water to clean it off, too! (I tried erasing with a dry paper towel and it smudged. The water works better, but I recommend wiping it down and drying it completely before writing again.)
That's all for today! Come back tomorrow for another kid-friendly Olympic-themed project!

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