Monday, August 13, 2012

Catch Those 'squitoes!

I know out here there are a ton of mosquitoes out at night. Once the sun goes down, they come out like crazy. The other night, I had at least 5 new itchy spots. Well, no one wants the bugs to ruin all the fun. So today's project is a mosquito catcher. It's more like a mosquito attractor, but as long as they go in and don't come out, it's all good with me.

They don't look like much. I took two empty plastic bottles and cut them about 1/3 of the way down. Then, filled it with a sugar/water/yeast mixture and poured it in. Apparently, mosquitoes are attracted to dark places (I guess that's why they attack at night) so I taped black paper onto them. Hopefully this will get some of those suckers. We'll see.

S'more of the Day: Strawberry Shortcake S'mores (s'mores without chocolate...)

What You Need:
Graham Crackers
Strawberry Pie filling
Vanilla Frosting

What You Do:
Frost half of a graham cracker with vanilla frosting. Place a scoop of pie filling onto frosting. Toast your marshmallow and place on top of the filling. Sandwich together.

If you use chocolate frosting, I bet it would taste like a chocolate covered strawberry s'more...)

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