Sunday, August 12, 2012

Calling All Campers!

With all of this gorgeous weather we have been having out here in the northwest, we thought we would do an outdoor theme this week. Last summer, we spent A LOT of time camping out. It was actually the first time we really went camping (not like the camping we did when we were Girl Scouts in cabins) and it was quite the experience. Over time, we definitely got much better at it. Well, this week's theme is camping, and we have some pretty cool projects that will make "roughing it" a little easier, but not as many crafts.

Today, though, we do have a quick paper project to share. While we were coming up with a list of things to work on, we had our other projects, but couldn't really think of too many artsy ones. But we like to start off with an invitation or card of some sort, so here is one for a camping birthday party.

As I was making this up, I was thinking that it would be SO much fun to have a backyard camping birthday party! Campfire, s'mores, stories, the whole deal. The pillow pulls out to show all of the information about the party.

Oh, and since this week's theme is camping, we thought we would include a "S'more of the Day." Last summer at one of the National Parks we stopped at, we found a s'more cookbook by Becky Rasmussen called, "So Much S'more to Do." There are so many "recipes" in here, from simple, to gourmet, to adult. Yumm!

Today's s'more is a Peanut Butter Cup S'more. Nothing like a peanut butter, chocolate "fluffernutter" s'more!

What You Need:
Graham Crackers
Peanut Butter Cups

What You Do:
Toast marshmallow to desired level. Place peanut butter cup on half of a graham cracker. Top with marshmallow and the other half of graham cracker.

Think of all of the possibilities with different candy bars!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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